Ketogenic – The Ugly

Keto Police, don’t come charging after me, this is simply my PERSONAL EXPERIENCE on a Ketogenic style diet, no scientific rambling, just how I personally felt and responded.

I had been using the Portion Fix style of eating for about a year, ya know, those cute colorful boxes you measure your nutrition out with. Yeah, those! At some point I was pretty stagnant in my results so early last year I downloaded Melissa McAllisters ebook and thought I’d give the MADE lifestyle a swing. It’s high fat, lower carb combined with intermittent fasting. I like that. I definitely can keep a full feeling with that plan which is why I didn’t feel Portion Fix was working for me anymore. At first, not so bad! My body quickly switched over to using fat as fuel and I could visibly see some results in my legs and tummy.

But then there is the internet… I had joined some Ketogenic groups way back when and was pretty mind blown from the results that people were posting daily! Top that off with a few people I know selling Ketones that you can take as supplements to burn fat even faster. Whhhat!? No lie, I was interested. Like the test rat I am on myself, and my fascination to one day see all my abs I thought I’d give it a try without the supplements.

At first it was pretty easy…. after about 2-3 weeks I started having mad cravings which would make me so fustrated. Then I noticed my hormones way out of wack and would be tired by 6 pm. *Warning girl talk* I also hadn’t had a period in months and went into the doc. He drew some blood and called me back… they wanted to put me on hormones and start seeing a specialist. And I was like, oh hell no! No medications for me, no thanks. Then after about 5 months of that nonsense my skin started to break out like a flipping 9th grader. Monster tumor like acne. And the worst part, in the evenings I would have insane cravings for sugar or carbs. Occasionally I’d straight up binge. Or I should say, often. And when you have a carb binge on Ketogenic lifestyle, it backfires. Although I didn’t gain fat, I was busting my ass having no visible changes. But, there are lots of people who have awesome results without crazy hormonal imbalances… mostly men though.

So, back on HFLC + IF. So far the experience has been great. I’m eating in a 3 hour window and feel sooo full! Definitely seeing results within the first 3 weeks that I didn’t expect.

Keto lifestyle… not for me. I will take Portion Fix or MADE any day over Ketogenic for 2 reasons, they work, and I know that physically feel awesome on those plans.

Article by shannon

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