Self Care Sunday’s

Time for some #selfcaresunday . Its all the rage in the fitness industry right now, thanks to Autumn Calabrese for incorporating it into her new program 80 Day Obsession.

I know what a lot of you are thinking…. What even is Self Care Sunday. Let me break it down, it’s anything that helps you relax, organize, or take care of yourself so that you become a better person. Here’s the deal, it’s whatever makes you feel better. You are making major changes in your life with fitness and food, but self care is for your brain.

For me, it going over my budget and making sure everything is in check. It’s washing my sheets to make them perfectly fresh. It’s going to Whole Foods to pick up ingredients with names I cannot pronounce and making a kick ass meal that requires 30 steps. Even a few good chapters of a personal development book with change my week. But those are mine, what’s yours? Most chicks are into spa day, mani/pedis, warm Epsom salt bath, dinner with the girls, yoga, hiking, shopping, meditation, duck feeding… just about anything that helps you clear your mind and relax.

Let’s chat about Epson salt baths for a second. These are kinda a big deal in the fitness world for several reasons. These salts are a combination of magnesium and sulfate, magnesium being a key mineral A LOT of us a lacking in. If you have been working out hardcore but find you have leg cramps, charley horses, or random case of restless leg syndrome you probably need a little more magnesium in your life. I personally take an additional magnesium supplement every evening. Epson salts are well known to help with muscle pain, aches, itch relief, and can even decrease swelling. Good stuff, right!?

But I know what you’re thinking…. But why spend the extra effort with the self care when working out and all this meal prep is already my self care. Here is my personal opinion. For too long we have been focused on everyone else’s hopes a dreams and agendas. We do what it takes when the husband has to work late or travel for work, we spend 3-6 days a week in carpool or driving kids to and from extracurricular actives, we eat crap food because we don’t have time to cook, we work hard for some corporation whose only focus is on what some board member or C_ _ had just demanded. But at what point do you distress and clear your brain to be more happy and settled?

I understand that you have just committed to a workout, total change in diet, and now another layer of personal care, but I can assure you it’s 100% worth it to your family to have a happy healthy mom.
What we have come to realize is that when you take a mom and can teach her how to be healthy, she can change her family. But if that mom can teach another mom, and she can teach a mom, and so on, we are changing the overall health of the country.

Article by shannon

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