Super Saturday Awesomeness

Why should anyone, customer or coach, spend 3 hours at a Super Saturday event?

Well keep on reading because I’m going to break this down for you.

It’s a live workout, usually featuring celebrity trainers or master trainers. If you live near a major town (within a few hours drive) you will most likely get a celebrity trainer once or twice a year. Guaranteeing you to fall victim of a killer workout. I walk out of Super Saturday’s super sweaty, always.
During the workouts your surrounded by sometimes hundreds of people pushing hard, but together. If your lucky you can get stuck behind a solid athlete, to which you try and keep up with, thus forcing you to move faster.

When I’m there I can’t help but to notice all the different body types, never are 2 the same. WHICH MAKES ME FEEL NORMAL. You are 360 surrounded by all levels of different. It’s honestly a relief to see what fitness celebs and professionals look like in real life. Those Insta poses and filters…

Another reason not to miss is the motivational speakers that inspire you to keep moving in the right direction. I need myself some affirmations to keep this journey up! We all love the stories about the person who overcame major health or financial obstacles and are living the life they were intended to live.

So basically it’s a pep rally for us people with goals to be better, do better, and most importantly end the trend of obesity.

For you coaches out there, we always get the scoop on an upcoming program, Shake flavor, or bar. (Rumor has it we might get to try the new Beach Bars at the next SS.)

Even if your just a customer of the products, I think these are a must do! They only happen 3 times a year and might just give you that extra ouch you needed to get back going again. You’ve been in these Challenge Groups making new digital friends, use this opportunity to meet them! If your a mom like me, girl time is rare. This is my girl time. Catching up with friends, knocking out a big workout, and chowing down on dinner together!

Article by shannon

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