Blocking out Negative Energies

There are so many ways to go about doing this. One way is to stick your fingers in your ears and scream Lala Lala Lala Lala at whoever or whatever is putting off vibes. People might think you’re crazy idiot and if you’re over the age of five you might be, but there is a better way to just avoid them entirely and I wanna give you my top three ways to do that.

Are used to be a news junkie. I had it on all day every day for years. For some reason I felt like I need to know what was going on what happened with the situation what happen with that situation how did these people vote… None of it pertain to me or any of my personal situations. It did nothing more but to jerk around my emotions and happiness. So first and foremost avoid the news all the time, get rid of the channels unfollow them on Social Media. When you’re at the bank or doctors office don’t look at the TV screens. I was listening to an interview on How I Built This and they were talking to Robert L. Johnson, the creator of BET. In this interview he was talking about a conversation that he had with the guy that started CNN, Ted Turner. Robert asked Ted what he would do if there wasn’t any news report and Ted Turner said they would go start fires… As if they would deliberately start problems in the world so they would have something to report on. *Want to hear the podcast that he mentions this in, download How I Built This, the Robert L. Johnson episode. It’s a must download*
Now occasionally on a slow news day they have a puff piece about the happy dog and owner or family reunited… But those are few and far between. The news is nothing but negative trash forming your thoughts and opinions about the world and others. I already know what you’re thinking, but Shannon what happens if something important happens in the world that I need to know about. Trust me, you will know, somebody will tell you, somebody will post it on Facebook. I only ask that until nukes are actually flying, please don’t tell me what’s going on with the news. Chances are all already know about it anyways.

Quitting the news it’s not something that I thought about on my own and decided to do, I took this class several years ago that was written by this billionaire real estate guy, and almost every time I heard him speak he said stop watching the news. He always said stick to light fun in comedic things to watch. I thought to myself hey this guys billionaire and really has his shit together so maybe he’s onto something about this cutting the news out of your life thing. I truly believe he was right.

Number 2 tip for blocking out negative energies in your life. Now this is a hard one, harder than the first one, but delete toxic friends and family members from your Facebook. I just block them. We all have them, the crazy relative that says stupid things under your post, the friend that went crazy political and feels the need to use Facebook as their personal platform to express whatever nonsense they want to yap about, or talk about something they saw on the… dare I say, news station. Are they going to get mad or offended if you block or deleted them? Probably. But if they ask why you blocked them, and you tell them, they should be reasonable and understanding. If they are not, they’ve further expressed that their energies are negative, and proven to you yet again, why you don’t want that. I can assure you, I have blocked people that I thought were close friends, and even very close family members. My scroll is much better off without that negativity seeping into my mind. When all is said and done, out of sight, out of mind.

That said, I personally know that some of the things I write about can be offensive to somebody that has a different opinion and I am totally cool with them deleting me or blocking me. I’d rather them not follow me then have the urge to write some silly negative comment below post that does nobody good.

My final tip, be OK with not seeing everything that your friends or family post on social media. It’s totally OK if you missed making a sweet comment on your cousins babies pic because you were too busy to scroll the feed. Unfortunately when we scroll the feed as refined always ridiculous people yapping about the ridiculous opinions that nobody cares about. I personally struggle with not being on my phone 100% of the time. I close out Instagram and unconsciously immediately open it back up. It’s a problem, and I struggle with it. The way I have my own brain is to occasionally put my phone on airplane mode for an entire hour, that way I get no notifications to steal my attention away from what I ever I need to be doing at that moment. It’s ok to not immediately open notification, I promise.

Final thoughts. Negative energies suck the life out of you and distract you from your goals and dreams. I hope you find my tips helpful, but if it’s too extreme for you, just start with the first one and work your way down the list. Just remember, try not to play into these negative energies, because they will steal your happiness and joy. We are so lucky to have the ability to choose and do basically whatever we want. I want you to take advantage of that, I want you to know what it’s like to eliminate negative energies that are trying to enter your mind.


Self Care Sunday’s

Time for some #selfcaresunday . Its all the rage in the fitness industry right now, thanks to Autumn Calabrese for incorporating it into her new program 80 Day Obsession.

I know what a lot of you are thinking…. What even is Self Care Sunday. Let me break it down, it’s anything that helps you relax, organize, or take care of yourself so that you become a better person. Here’s the deal, it’s whatever makes you feel better. You are making major changes in your life with fitness and food, but self care is for your brain.

For me, it going over my budget and making sure everything is in check. It’s washing my sheets to make them perfectly fresh. It’s going to Whole Foods to pick up ingredients with names I cannot pronounce and making a kick ass meal that requires 30 steps. Even a few good chapters of a personal development book with change my week. But those are mine, what’s yours? Most chicks are into spa day, mani/pedis, warm Epsom salt bath, dinner with the girls, yoga, hiking, shopping, meditation, duck feeding… just about anything that helps you clear your mind and relax.

Let’s chat about Epson salt baths for a second. These are kinda a big deal in the fitness world for several reasons. These salts are a combination of magnesium and sulfate, magnesium being a key mineral A LOT of us a lacking in. If you have been working out hardcore but find you have leg cramps, charley horses, or random case of restless leg syndrome you probably need a little more magnesium in your life. I personally take an additional magnesium supplement every evening. Epson salts are well known to help with muscle pain, aches, itch relief, and can even decrease swelling. Good stuff, right!?

But I know what you’re thinking…. But why spend the extra effort with the self care when working out and all this meal prep is already my self care. Here is my personal opinion. For too long we have been focused on everyone else’s hopes a dreams and agendas. We do what it takes when the husband has to work late or travel for work, we spend 3-6 days a week in carpool or driving kids to and from extracurricular actives, we eat crap food because we don’t have time to cook, we work hard for some corporation whose only focus is on what some board member or C_ _ had just demanded. But at what point do you distress and clear your brain to be more happy and settled?

I understand that you have just committed to a workout, total change in diet, and now another layer of personal care, but I can assure you it’s 100% worth it to your family to have a happy healthy mom.
What we have come to realize is that when you take a mom and can teach her how to be healthy, she can change her family. But if that mom can teach another mom, and she can teach a mom, and so on, we are changing the overall health of the country.

Ketogenic – The Ugly

Keto Police, don’t come charging after me, this is simply my PERSONAL EXPERIENCE on a Ketogenic style diet, no scientific rambling, just how I personally felt and responded. I had been using the Portion Fix style of eating for about a year, ya know, those cute colorful boxes you measure your nutrition out with. Yeah, […]